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We can handle the complex integration challenges.  We can integrate the data that makes your business thrive and grow.


Integration is all about making independent applications work together, both within and external to the enterprise.  Integration services are essential to achieve an e-business environment across the extended enterprise, allowing a variety of clients, suppliers and employees to have controlled interaction with the enterprise’s core business processes without disrupting those processes.  The many separate enterprise systems must look and act as a single integrated system to employees, clients, and suppliers.

WTA understands the challenges that businesses face today, and will work with your team to seamlessly integrate a solution that will meet your goals.  Our Consultants will help you streamline your processes, improve efficiencies, and increase effectiveness, supporting your specific business requirements.

​​Integration Services and Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Business Process Design
  • Technical Architecture Definition
  • Information Flow Review & Data Analysis
  • Application & System Integration
  • Implementation Planning & Execution
  • Data Conversion & Migration
  • Common UI & Custom Application Development
  • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence